Born Bernard Calvin Eure III, singer, songwriter, emcee, and producer Nardo Says came of age in Norfolk, Virginia where he began singing in church. Always the creative, he learned how to play the drums as a teenager and started writing poems in high school which later turned to raps.

With a little money saved up and friends who deejayed and made beats, he bought an old EPS and some records and started producing and rhyming under the moniker Ol’ Soul then changing it to Bobby Blunt. The reason? He felt it had a nice ring to it. Under the name Bobby Blunt, he released a series of EPs that grabbed attention.

However, he wanted to incorporate a melodic sound that utilized singing and harmonies more than the hard rhymes and beats people expected from him. Out of that want to explore more, Nardo was created to represent growth as both a man and an artist. Now with releases like “A Mind’s Canvas“, “Side A“, and “Possibilities“, his sounds continues to develop and evolve.